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Disability Insurance for Truck Drivers

Disability Insurance for Truck DriversDisability insurance for Trucker Drivers used to be not affordable due to the high risk occupation class rating.  There are new disability insurance options for truckers that have the same rates as if you worked in an office all day.  Speak to a coach now to find out how you can apply for coverage today.  Protect your income and assets!

When you’re hauling beer and riding with the Bandit, long-haul trucking is an adventurous profession. You quickly realize, that driving a rig for a living isn’t easy, when you climb out of the truck after a long day’s haul, unload cargo or when you are stopped by the police. Nevertheless, seeing the world behind that big windshield has its charms.

And, not only was a trucker’s life glamorized by Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed, but no other profession has had so many songs written about it and it’s also why disability insurance for truckers is a make sense part of your business planning.

There’s just something about driving a truck that inspires entertainers to sing. What’s your favorite classic?

  • “White Line Fever” by David Allan Coe
  • “East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed
  • “Six Days on the Road” by Dave Dudley
  • “Convoy” by TH Music Festival, or
  • “Looking at the World through a Windshield” by Del Reeves

Caution. Despite the advertised appeal of the job, it’s not without its hazards. The roads less travelled are hard to find these days, and the threat of mud slides, rock slides or water on the road are the least of your worries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics outlines some alarming on-the-job statistics. “…tractor-trailer truck drivers are three times more likely than the typical American worker to have an injury or illness that required days off from work.” And there’s more bad news. “Tractor Trailer drivers account for one out of every six workers killed on the job.”

If you don’t have a disability insurance for truckers coach you are risking more than your load…

Hazards, Hazards, Everywhere. The most frequent on-the-job injuries include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders in the neck, back and upper extremities. These injuries are the most common among drivers who also handle freight or work on tires.
  • Knee and back sprains and strains from falls when getting out of the truck and at loading areas. Trips, falls and missteps when lifting latches or checking tires lead to back and knee sprains and strains as well.
  • Bumps, bruises and broken bones are often the result of handling cargo, lift-gates, vehicle parts, and chains.

Death and serious multiple injuries are often directly related to collisions with other vehicles or a roll-over.

A Lifestyle with Curves
. On-the-job injuries are just one hazard to avoid. As it turns out, life on the road can be bumpy. Sitting in the cab all day can be hazardous to your health. The flashing neon warning signs are presented by the CDC.

  • “Seven in ten long haul truck drivers are obese.”
  • “Obesity increases the chance for these health problems: Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, cancer, joint and back pain and stroke.”

License to Kill. While your health can be in jeopardy, so can your license. Disabling health issues can disqualify you from receiving your CDL renewal. You’ve heard this all before, and hopefully you are eating smaller portions, making healthier food choices, drinking water, quitting smoking, and getting more exercise.

You know to be careful on-the-job. You are working on a healthier lifestyle, but what else can you do to secure your future? After all you and your family depend on your ability to continue working.

The Trucking Alternative. Just in case you run into a dead end, we’ve got your financial future covered. Short-term and long-term disability insurance for truckers is available to you with very little effort. You’ve probably heard that disability insurance for truckers is expensive (or difficult to get) due to the risks of the job. While it is true that truckers receive higher risk ratings, which generally correspond with higher disability insurance costs, we represent companies that don’t price based on occupation ratings.

Competitors Charge More. As an example, most disability insurance companies rate truckers as  more risky to insure than other professions.

But, don’t worry. We’ve got better options for you and that’s why you should hire a disability insurance coach to work for you today, there is never a fee.

You’re in the Passing Lane. Recently a few disability insurance companies started writing policies for truckers with much lower rates. There are options that do not increase rates for truckers. That’s right—a chance to save money while protecting your future!

First, let’s look at the most common rates you’ll find for trucker disability insurance products:
Many disability insurance providers will charge $146.74/month for a $3,000/month Truck Driver disability benefit. We’ve got that beat!
It all boils down to this…

You only have three options to choose from when the unexpected accident or illness happens, and your payroll deposit stops:

  1. You can deplete your savings and retirement accounts
  2. You have a wealthy family member that will pay bills for you
  3. You planned ahead and have a disability insurance policy in place that delivers monthly, tax-free cash to your bank account, until you are ready to go back to work

Drive on through to save 46% when you shop with independent coaches. As independent disability insurance coaches, we represent several insurance companies that each write multiple short-term and long-term disability products. We’ll shop the best policy and price for you. Truck driver disability policies priced without an additional premium due to your profession are just one solution we can offer you to save almost $500 a year.

Go here now to put a coach to work for you and get a free quote in the mean time…

That’s a Savings of $500!

No more Broken Promises. Truckers are in high demand, and employers are making promises to get you in the door. You’ve heard promises like all dispatched miles are paid, more time at home, predictable schedules and no touch freight. But we know that recruiting promises aren’t always kept. Sadly some insurance brokers over promise and under deliver. Avoid the broken promises by working with a disability insurance coach representing multiple carriers with different short-term and long-term disability benefits. Truckers’ needs are best met with customized solutions.

Skip the Back Seat Driver when Selecting an Insurance Coach. When “you’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there,” make sure your coach is more than a back seat driver. On the road you make risk/reward decisions every day. Which route to take, what weather to avoid, and what speed is safe, are just a few decisions you make based on your experiences. Get someone to help with your risk and reward decision.

  • Price—Negotiate with a pro. Obtaining the best price for disability insurance for truckers is not just about ratings, but also about negotiating with the underwriter. Many personal factors, other than your job impact the cost of disability insurance. Experienced disability coaches who can negotiate with underwriters from multiple companies about items such as pre-existing conditions, smoking, prescription drugs and weight will get you the best plan and rate.
  • Policies—Contracts are worse than traffic jams. Sitting in traffic is frustrating, but figuring out what all the contract terms mean could take days. Getting an insurance policy with favorable terms makes a huge difference when it comes to receiving benefits. And the benefit options vary significantly among different carriers. Make sure you know how the policy defines the income to be replaced. Companies may try to define disability narrowly, making obtaining benefits more difficult. Does the policy consider your ability to work only in transportation, or just your ability to perform any job? What waiting period before coverage begins makes sense for you? Work with an agent that will explain the benefits and exceptions and that has experience getting disability coverage for truck drivers.
  • Disability Insurance—Option packages fit for you. When buying your personal vehicle, you select from a number of different dealer package options that match your needs, wants and budget. When it comes to disability insurance for truckers, the options can be overwhelming. Short-term disability insurance policies can provide coverage for 90 days to three years. Longer term solutions can last several years or until you reach retirement age. You may want to explore supplemental disability insurance policies to pay out in addition to workers’ compensation benefits and an employer’s disability insurance benefit.
  • On-Line Quotes. When you’re on the road, you don’t have time to meet an agent. You can start getting more information with an on-line quote system. But it’s the people behind the system that are crucial to your getting what you need. You need a person representing your personal interests. We use the on-line quoting system to start the process, not to immediately commit you to anything.

Start your engine. Start planning your future by contacting us on-line or by phone. We’re available when you are ready. A disability insurance coach with experience with truck drivers is ready to walk with you to determine your disability insurance needs and to find the right disability benefits for you. Finally, don’t worry about “commitment.” Starting the conversation does not commit you to purchasing insurance with us or having us represent you.

Keep on Truckin’. No one likes thinking about the possibility of poor health and its consequences. Like Willie, we hope you’ll not only be singing “I can’t wait to get on the road again,” but also “Rolling down the Highway” for as often and as long as you like.

Moving Forward. Truckers may move America forward, but only you can ensure your future is moving forward. Developing a back-up plan to ensure you and your family have income in case you are unable to perform your job just makes good sense. Give us a shout when you are ready to explore income replacement options with the best long-term and short-term disability insurance for truckers that can save you as much as $500 a year. Contact@disabilityinsurancecoach.com, call us or click here to have one of our coaches contact you today.

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