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Disability Insurance For Nurse Anesthetists

Written on December 15th, 2017 by Blaise Dietz

Sometimes it pays NOT to make the list. Today happens to be one of those days. According to Career Cast, Nurse Anesthetist’s jobs are NOT in the top ten most stressful. Frankly, we find that very difficult to believe.  Here’s the point, searching Google for  “Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists” should not cause you stress either!  You can hire your own independent, licensed and trained Disability Insurance Coach, and you are not allowed to pay for it…more on that later.

Not surprisingly, CRNA’s do not show up in the ten least stressful jobs either. So who knocked you out of the top ten most stressful jobs?

• Enlisted Military Personnel
• Fire Fighters
• Airline Pilots, and
• Police Officers

First responders’ jobs come with the stress of both putting their lives on the line every day, as well as being responsible for the lives of others. And, airline pilots are responsible for hundreds of passengers’ lives during one day. Something you definitely understand! But when it comes to high stress in the healthcare profession, the Nurse Anesthetist is definitely a top ten contender.  That is why it is so important to understand all of your options when researching Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists.

Nursing is a Risky Business. As a nurse, you are keenly aware of the physical repercussions of stress. Yet you risk your physical and mental well-being to assist others. Making your living as a crucial part of a critical care team gives you a front row seat to the realities of illness and disease. Thinking you are immune from illness, disease or disabling events isn’t an option for you.

In fact health care workers are among the top five group of employees at risk for on-the-job injuries according to data released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016 (See Table 2). The stress of the job, which has long been recognized as impacting major diseases. “But even those [patients] with mild stress [a]re up to 70% more likely to receive disability benefits, after taking account of other factors likely to influence the results, such as lifestyle and alcohol intake.” Science Daily reporting an extensive study published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. You know how to handle the physical demands of nursing. Now it’s time to protect yourself from the financial repercussions with Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists.

Disability Insurance Occupation Class for Nurse Anesthetists is 4A. Climbing the ladder is usually considered a positive activity. Unfortunately, in some cases, the higher you climb, the worse the news.

Due to the inherent risks in nursing, it should come as no surprise that insurance companies typically charge higher premiums for disability insurance for all nurses. And, the disability insurance rate for nurse anesthetists, is even higher than you would expect. In fact, when shopping for the best disability insurance, nurse anesthetists are typically risk-rated four levels above the average worker. And, the higher your rating, the more you pay for disability insurance (see ratings below).

disability insurance for nurse anesthetists with 60 day elimination 24 month benefit

But, there is some good news for nurse anesthetists in the know!

Lower Cost, New Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists
Only one top rated insurance carrier has entered the market with new disability insurance solutions for nurse anesthetists that DO NOT consider the 4A occupation class.

That’s right—a chance to save real money while protecting your future!

First, let’s look at the most common rates you’ll find for nurse disability insurance products:

For a 45-year-old Nurse Anesthetist living in Michigan, many of the top-rated disability insurance carriers will charge about $200.20 /month for a $4,000/monthly CRNA disability benefit.

isability insurance for nurse anesthetists


There’s got to be a better solution. Check out these brand-new options!

Save at least 16% when you put  independent Disability Insurance Coaches to work for you. As independent disability insurance coaches, we have options that can save nurse anesthetists 16% month in, and month out, every single year of the policy.  Are you ready to find the best Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists

Because we represent multiple insurance carriers, each of whom write multiple short-term and long-term disability products, we can find the solution to match your needs and budget. CRNA disability policies priced without an additional premium due to the nursing profession are just one solution we can offer you. That policy choice alone can save you almost $400 a year.

disability insurance for nurse anesthetists

Watch how Simple it is to Save $500!

Consult with a Coach. Know the Facts. You’re familiar with patients who after perusing the internet, and visiting with a friend of a friend are convinced they are now a medical expert. They walk into the doctor’s office with their own diagnosis, ask for certain prescriptions, and are ready to discuss treatment options and even nutraceutical solutions before running any diagnostics. Practicing medicine without knowledge, training or experience probably won’t yield the best solutions. Likewise, as a nurse anesthetist shopping for short-term or long-term disability insurance, make sure you’re armed with real facts and credible information. We have choices when it comes to pain relief, antibiotics, cancer treatments and even anesthesia. The same is true for Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists. When it comes to investigating short-term and long-term disability benefits, talk with educated disability insurance coaches who have customized solutions.

Risks, Ratings and Rewards. As a nurse anesthetist, you must know the patient’s history to determine the right sedative and the risks. And you know that risk factors alone aren’t enough to develop a treatment plan. There’s more to treatment than ratings. Independent brokers rely on more than just ratings to find you not only the best disability insurance company, but also the best product offerings. When you need pharmaceuticals, you don’t consider just Merck, Novartis or Pfiser’s products (despite how much you might like one drug rep). Likewise, Disability Insurance for Nurse Anesthetists differ from company to company. In fact, with nurse anesthetist ratings four times higher than other nurses, you are definitely going to want to consider disability benefits that are not priced based on your occupation as a CRNA.

Of course insurance premiums and policy choices are based on many other factors. The cost for disability benefits can increase depending on personal matters like smoking, weight and pre-existing conditions. Insurance representatives who are in contact with underwriters from multiple companies will know which companies and products are best suited for your particular circumstances.

Working with a Specialist. You don’t go to an internist when you need an oncologist. And, you do your homework before selecting a surgeon. Finding the right disability benefits coach for you also involves a little research.

• Price—Get a Negotiator. Obtaining the best price for CRNA long-term and short-term disability insurance is dependent on ratings, but the underwriter and agent relationship is also critical. Make sure you find a disability insurance coach who represents multiple carriers so you get the best price and the right product. To find the best priced disability insurance for nurse anesthetists, select a licensed coach with experience.

• Policies—One Size Does Not Fit Most. The best fitting clothes are not one size fits most. Think about how many different patterns are available in scrubs alone. Can you imagine how many different options are available in short-term or long-term disability insurance policies?

The legal terms that make quite a difference in the payout of benefits and the benefit options available in disability policies vary significantly. How disability is defined and what types of income you are replacing are important.

A narrow definition of disabled may not be for you. Does the policy consider your ability to work in the nursing field, or just your ability to perform any job (consider adding an own occupation rider if you do not want to be told to work at McDonalds)?

Waiting periods before coverage begins are also a consideration, along with pregnancy benefits.

Make sure you work with an agent that has experience getting disability insurance coverage for nurse anesthetists.

• Disability Insurance—Know your Type. A simple blood test reveals a person’s blood type. Determining what type of disability policy is right for you requires more. Are you looking for short-term disability insurance for a period of anywhere from 90 days to three years?

Or, maybe you are focused on longer term solutions in case of a debilitating condition.

How about supplemental disability insurance policies that may pay in addition to workers’ compensation benefits and an employer’s disability insurance benefit?

Make sure your independent disability coach asks a lot of questions. You know all about new patient forms, well, the little details are important in determining the right disability products too.

• On-Line Disability Insurance Quotes. These days new patient paperwork may start on-line. In the case of disability insurance, on-line quotes can also be a beneficial starting place. However, it’s the people who matter when it comes to representing your personal interests.

And since “captive” agents who work for one carrier are not allowed to quote other carriers you want to make sure you work with a licensed independent coach who can quote you all of the carriers prices.

• We use the on-line quoting system to start the process, not to immediately commit you to anything. We want to make sure we have the information we need to ensure we can provide great service, the right policy and the best rates.

Preliminary Steps. Whether you want to start your search on-line or by phone, we’re available for you. Either way, our experienced disability insurance coaches are ready to walk with you through the process of determining your disability insurance needs, and finding the right disability benefits for you. Finally, don’t worry about “commitment.” The initial exchange of information is not a commitment by you to purchase insurance or have us represent you, in fact it is against the law to purchase a disability insurance policy until it is fully underwritten.

Here’s to your Good Health. Discussing the possibility of poor health and its consequences is a little scary. We hope your nursing anesthetist career will be long and prosperous. We also hope you stay off that top ten list of stressful jobs! And, when it comes to your retirement, may you be the one who decides when you retire in good health.

It Pays to Be Prepared. Even the most successful among us needs a great back-up plan and a good coach. As a nurse anesthetist you prepare for a myriad of contingencies. Whether you are preventing infections and latex reactions, or handling airway management issues, you are focused on preparation, prevention and back-up. Knowledge, research, planning and prevention are keys to your success. To learn more about your back-up options and protecting your income with the best long-term and short-term nurse anesthetist disability benefits, give us a call or fill out the form on the screen now.

Together we can make the right move!

About Disability Insurance Coach
About Disability Insurance Coach

Our highly trained and licensed coaches work with individuals and companies across the nation to secure the best disability insurance rates from A+ rated carriers.

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